Do attendees need any experience?2020-02-06T09:11:58-05:00

No experience required. Activities are designed for different speeds, depths and levels of proficiency.

How many students will there be?2020-02-06T09:15:57-05:00

Class size is limited to a maximum of 30 students per session.

How many instructors will there be?2020-02-06T09:15:51-05:00

We aim for a student-to-instructor ratio of 7:1. The lead instructors are local educators with experience in teaching 10-13 year olds. Junior instructors are local high school students motivated to serve as mentors to the students.

Do attendees need to bring computers?2020-02-06T09:15:44-05:00

Students are always welcome to bring their PCs to Future Genius. At many Future Genius locations, each camper will be provided a computer to use during the camp session. Though, at some Future Genius facilities, computers are not available and students are required to bring a laptop or Chromebook to camp.

Are you providing lunch?2020-02-06T09:15:38-05:00

No. Students are responsible for bringing a healthy lunch, snack, and water bottle to Future Genius each day.

What are the Global Goals?2020-02-06T09:15:30-05:00

In 2015, the leaders of all 193 member states of the United Nations adopted Agenda 2030 a universal agenda that contains the Global Goals for Sustainable Development—17 goals that countries will use to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Learn more at globalgoals.org.

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