Is Future Genius an in-person or virtual camp program?2021-03-17T09:01:15-04:00

Both! Each program can be run either in-person at school or remotely via Zoom video conferencing depending on what local safety protocols will allow. Our hope is to run Future Genius in-person this summer. But we are prepared to host our programs remotely as we did in 2020 if need be.

For in-person programs, do attendees need to bring computers?2021-03-17T08:57:49-04:00

Students are always welcome to bring their PCs to Future Genius. At many Future Genius locations, each camper will be provided a computer to use during the camp session. Though, at some Future Genius facilities, computers are not available and students are required to bring a laptop or Chromebook to camp.

How is the virtual camp day structured?2020-09-28T17:29:24-04:00

Each day starts with a fun trivia session to get the juices flowing. Then the daily schedule continues with an efficient mix of 2 hours of live instruction and 2 hours of individual and collaborative project development. Students take a break on the hour for a few minutes to step away from the computer and stretch their legs. They also have a 30 minute lunch break to unplug, grab a healthy bite, and go outside for some fresh air.

Will students be working on the computer the whole time?2020-09-28T17:30:51-04:00

Future Genius is a healthy combo of online learning and offline exploration. With all of our programs, students will receive a printed workbook to assist with the planning of their projects away from the computer screen. Whether it’s designing a wind turbine out of recycled materials or planting a “seed bomb” in your garden, many of the activities are also reminders that we may have to get our hands dirty to build a brighter future!

Do attendees need any experience?2020-05-20T11:41:06-04:00

No experience required. Activities are designed for different speeds, depths and levels of proficiency.

How many instructors will there be?2021-03-17T09:02:35-04:00

We aim for a student-to-instructor ratio of 6:1. Future Genius programs are managed by a Lead Instructor, who is a dedicated local educator with a passion for sustainability, technology, and future literacy. They are responsible for demonstration and guidance of camp curriculum, including digital media production, leadership training, team-building, and other problem-solving activities. Lead Instructors are assisted by inspired Junior Mentors—high school-age role models wired for igniting positive change.

What are the tech requirements for attending camp?2021-05-12T09:34:49-04:00

Students can use a Chromebook, Mac or Windows PC for Future Genius programs. For virtual camps, computers should be equipped with a WebCam, and have a stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing. Headphones or a headset with a microphone are optional, but recommended.

Finances are tight these days. Are there scholarships to Future Genius?2020-08-10T11:17:29-04:00

Yes! We do offer full and partial scholarships to families who may have financial hardship at home and might need tuition assistance for their child. If you are in need of some scholarship aid, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

What are the Global Goals?2020-05-20T11:42:03-04:00

In 2015, the leaders of all 193 member states of the United Nations adopted Agenda 2030, a universal agenda that contains the Global Goals for Sustainable Development—17 goals that countries will use to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Learn more at globalgoals.org.

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