Developers: Sam and Corey

Grade: 8

Global Goal Addressed: 13

Game Description: Play as a hero journeying head-on into a raging forest fire in an attempt to save the wildlife and plant life that reside within the forest. Avoid and defeat angry fire spirits that have caused this catastrophe by launching water missiles at these formidable foe! The fate of the forest is in your hands. Will you be able to extinguish the fire in time?

Game Intent: The intent of this prototype is to portray the hazards that accompany forest fires to increase awareness in people of the fires’ harmful effects. Further expansion of this project would include more negative elements that wildfires bring to the environment, how it would hurt the player (people and wildlife), and more realistic ways in which we can help combat them.

Game Controls:

  • ↔ = Left, Right. ↑ = Jump.
  • ↑+↑ = Double-Jump.
  • ↓ = Crouch & Enter Door.
  • ←/→+↓ = Slide.
  • SPACE BAR = Shoot Water Missile