Developers: Kylie and Adam

Grade: 8

Global Goal Addressed: 14

Game Description: Play as a lone, lost fish venturing through the aquatic sea-realm that you call home. Reunite with your fish family to win the game, all while avoiding the man-made aquatic pollutants that have hurt the ecosystem! Be wary: the vicious predators that lurk in the depths wish to make you their next meal. Will you be able to find your family and survive life below water?

Game Intent: To gain an understanding of the dangers that the present pollution in our oceans has on sea life. Garnering a sense of urgency directed towards improving our aquatic ecosystem’s so as to protect current and future #LifeBelowWater. Further iteration of this prototype would depict a depth in available mechanics, an increase in the number of layouts, broadening of the story, and more inclusion of pollutant examples that hinder our sea life.

Game Controls: Arrow Keys = Movement