While what defines normalcy may still be up for debate, one thing is clear: Summer 2022 will not be lost to a pandemic. Future Genius will be working with school administrators and teachers to offer affordable project-based learning at middle schools around the country. With nine years of experience running outstanding academic camps, our team has fashioned program curricula flexible enough to conform to any challenges a school district may face—including the constraints of today’s COVID-19 protocols. Our enrichment programs are specially designed to complement the prescribed measures that keep students safe and healthy.

Of course, it’s not all hand sanitizer and masks. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards Initiative in both Mathematics and English Language Arts, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards, Future Genius enrichment programs provide middle school students with a summer experience like no other—an experience designed to boost academic achievement, foster social and emotional well-being, and kickstart civic engagement in 21st century sustainability.

For middle school educators, Future Genius is an extraordinarily fun program to teach and a unique opportunity for professional development. What’s more, minimal experience is required. Our training resources ensure that Future Genius instructors deliver powerful enrichment to students ready to make a meaningful impact in their community.

Bring Future Genius to your school district by following these steps:

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