Election season has arrived for our future leaders as they prepare a Global Goals candidate for a primary election.

An important exploration of political media and grassroots campaigning, Election challenges youth to become informed and involved in our political process. Students will become masters of media and communication, leaning on their skills in technology and collaboration to create both digital and traditional assets in support of their Global Goals campaign. Teams will develop strategy, design campaign materials, and prep for a primary election in which friends and family will cast their vote for the winning candidate!

What you will learn at Election:

  • Strategies to become critical consumers of information
  • Nuances of the American political process and media coverage
  • How to plan and build a project as part of a team
  • Strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Best practices for public speaking—ability to pitch and present work
  • Exploration of the U.N. Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Projects from Election 2020 Students

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view sample projects created by students during a week at last year’s Election virtual camp.

Campaign Showcases

Video Advertisements

Equality Campaign Ad

Climate Change Campaign Ad

Healthcare Campaign Ad

Coronavirus Campaign Ad

Election 2020 Virtual Camp Daily Schedule

Day 1: "An Informed Electorate"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:20am Welcome & Morning Trivia
Get the juices flowing with a fun trivia contest.
9:20-10:00am Intro to U.S. Government: Who’s Got the Power?
10:00-10:35am Local vs National Elections & Collective Decisions
10:35-10:45am Parties & Primaries
10:45-10:55am Introducing the Global Goals
10:55-11:10am Exploring the Global Goals
11:10-11:25am Meet the Candidates
11:25-11:35am Ranked Choices
11:35am-12:05pm Lunch Break
Unplug, grab a healthy bite, and go outside for some fresh air!
12:05-12:20pm Anatomy of a Logo
12:20-12:40pm Intro to Digital Graphics
12:40-1:10pm Digital Graphics Practice - Recreating Logos
1:10-1:30pm Sharing Work & Debrief

Day 2: "Campaign Kick-off"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:25am Announcing Campaign Teams
9:25-9:55am Brainstorming Logo & Slogans
9:55-10:10am What’s Fake News?
Discuss the importance of critical media consumption, and explore ways to effectively assess various forms of media for accuracy and bias.
10:10-10:40am Critical Media Consumption
10:40-10:55am Bias in Media & Politics
10:55-11:25am Expanding Campaign Platforms
11:25-11:55am Lunch Break
11:55am-12:10pm Introducing the Campaign Asset Toolbox
12:10-1:10pm Creating Campaign Assets
Showcase campaign logos and slogans on t-shirts, buttons, yard signs, posters and bumper stickers.
1:10-1:30pm Sharing Work & Debrief

Day 3: "I Approve This Message"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:35am Intro to Video Production
9:35-10:00am Experimenting with Video Production
10:00-10:15am Sharing Student Work
10:15-10:45am Expanding Campaign Platforms
10:45-10:55am Examining Campaign Ads
10:55-11:20am Storyboarding Ads & Production Strategy
11:20-11:50am Lunch Break
11:50-11:55am Regroup and Kick-off Production
11:55am-1:00pm Campaign Ad Production
Produce impactful :15 and :30 campaign videos designed for social media and television broadcast.
1:00-1:10pm Exporting & Uploading Videos
1:10-1:30pm Sharing Work & Debrief

Day 4: "Winning Hearts and Minds"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:25am Introducing Voting Guides
9:25-9:55am Creating Voting Guides
9:55-10:05am Reviewing Campaign Workspace Features
10:05-10:25am Organizing & Revising Campaign Workspaces
10:25-10:45am The Art of Persuasion
10:45-11:10am Crafting an Argument
11:10-11:40am Lunch Break
11:40am-12:00pm Making Your Case
12:00-12:30pm Opposition Research
Examine the content and platform policies of opposing campaign teams, and prepare counter-arguments and defenses to support the team's candidacy for the party nomination.
12:30-12:40pm Regroup and Kick-off Speech Writing
12:40-1:10pm Crafting a Stump Speech
Teams build a persuasive stump speech that showcases policies, finds weaknesses in their opposition’s platforms, and anticipates challenges to their own proposals.
1:10-1:20pm Discussing Election Day & Debrief
1:20-1:30pm Provide Feedback on Peer Workspaces

Day 5: "That’s Debatable"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:50am Creating Stump Speech Videos
9:50-10:00am Exporting & Uploading Videos
10:00-10:40am Review Feedback & Revise Workspaces
10:40-11:00am Debating 101
11:00-11:30am Debate Prep
11:30am-12:00pm Lunch Break
12:00-12:45pm The Global Goals Debate
Teams square off to debate the merits of their campaign platforms.
12:45-1:10pm Campaign Team Q&A
1:10-1:20pm Early Voting
1:20-1:30pm Farewell
Continue to explore political media and find ways to be an advocate for the Global Goals!

“The instructors were great! Thank you!!!”

~ Irina P, Hanover, NH


Video Game Design

Environmental Studies

Political Science

Digital Arts for Girls

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