This all-girl design team is ready to change the world, using their collective creativity to produce digital media with a positive impact!

A celebration of creative problem-solving and empowerment, Team Elektra all-girls program explores how the combination of digital tools and artistic expression can make a difference in the local and global community. As an ad agency, Team Elektra members vie to lead marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the Global Goals. They are tasked with producing a portfolio of graphics and videos for an ad campaign to be pitched to friends and family! No experience is required.

What you will learn at Team Elektra:

  • The core concepts of digital media design & production
  • Inspirational stories of important female world leaders
  • How to organize and execute a successful plan
  • Strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Best practices for public speaking—ability to pitch and present work
  • Exploration of the U.N. Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Projects from Team Elektra 2020 Students

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view sample projects created by students during a week at last year’s Team Elektra virtual camp.

Public Service Announcements

Charlotte, Age 13

Alba, Age 12

Ocean Pollution
Caroline, Age 12

Women’s Rights
Lea, Age 11

Digital Posters

Future Genius Team Elektra Student work: Digital Posters: Forests: This is now a parking lot.

Lily, Age 11

Future Genius Team Elektra for Girls Student Work

Emilia, Age 13

Future Genius Team Elektra for Girls Student Work

Caroline, Age 12

Future Genius Team Student Work

Charlotte, Age 13

Team Elektra 2020 Virtual Camp Daily Schedule

Day 1: "Getting to Know You"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:20am Welcome & Morning Trivia
Get the juices flowing with a fun trivia contest.
9:20-9:40am Digital Me Challenge
9:40-10:00am Intro to Digital Graphics
10:00-10:30am Digital Poster Production
Create a digital poster using original graphics to tell a fun story about yourself.
10:30-10:35am Saving Project Files & Exporting Graphics
10:35-10:55am Sharing Student Work
10:55-11:10am Connecting to the Global Goals
11:10-11:40am Lunch Break
Unplug, grab a healthy bite, and go outside for some fresh air!
11:40am-12:00pm Intro to Video Production
12:15-12:55pm Autobiographical Video Production
12:55-1:00pm Exporting Videos
1:00-1:30pm Sharing Work & Debrief

Day 2: "Girls in Charge"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:40am Think & Share - Personal Heroes
9:40-9:55am Role Models, Mentors, and Peers
9:55-10:20am Project Planning - “Empowered & Inspired”
10:20-11:00am Creating “Empowered & Inspired” Posters
Design a inspiring digital poster about a female role model who is doing important work in alignment with the Global Goals.
11:00-11:15am Peer Review & Critique
11:15-11:35am Revise & Improve
11:35am-12:05pm Lunch Break
12:05-12:15pm Intro to Elevator Pitches
12:15-12:40pm Elevator Pitch - Feature My Role Model
12:40-12:50pm Exporting & Uploading Work
12:50-1:05pm Career Connection - Opportunities in Digital Art
Explore the variety of career paths that become possible with advanced digital arts skills.
1:05-1:20pm Revisiting the Global Goals
1:20-1:30pm Debrief, View Peer Work & Give Feedback

Day 3: "Visualize It"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:25am Announcing Teams
9:25-9:50am Brainstorming a Logo & Team Name
Come up with a name and identity for a new Global Goals-inspired team.
9:50-10:15am Diving Deeper into the Global Goals
10:15-10:25am Project Introduction - Print Advertisements
10:25-10:50am Conceptualizing & Ad Production Strategy
10:50-11:20am Ad & Logo Production
11:20-11:30am Full Group Check-in
11:30am-12:00pm Lunch Break
12:00-12:20pm Creative Connection - Overcoming Obstacles
Discuss strategies for problem-solving difficult situations using creativity and confidence.
12:20-12:40pm Peer Review & Critique
12:40-1:10pm Revise & Improve
1:10-1:30pm Debrief, Introducing Team Showcases, Posting Work & Leaving Feedback

Day 4: "Commercial Break"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-9:30am Project Introduction - What’s a PSA?
9:25-9:55am “Create The Future” Storyboarding
Develop a script for a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video that will change public attitude and behavior towards a problem being addressed by a Global Goal.
9:55-10:55am PSA Production
10:55-11:15am Peer Review & Critique
11:15-11:25am Full Group Check-in
11:25-11:55am Lunch Break
11:55am-12:15pm Creative Connection - Overcoming Obstacles
12:15-1:00pm Revise & Improve
1:00-1:20pm Peer Review & Critique
1:20-1:30pm Debrief & Overview of Final Day

Day 5: "Pitch Perfect"

8:45-9:00am Waiting Room
9:00-9:15am Morning Trivia
9:15-10:15am Revise & Improve
10:15-10:25am Exporting & Uploading Work
10:25-11:00am Organizing & Customizing Showcases
11:00-11:30am Lunch Break
11:30-11:40am Overview of Agency Pitches
11:40am-12:15pm Pitch Preparation & Practice
12:15-12:40pm Finishing Touches
12:40-1:10pm Agency Pitches
Teams present their advertising campaign pitches and PSAs.
1:10-1:20pm Selecting a Flagship Campaign & Department Leads
1:20-1:30pm Farewell
Continue to explore the digital arts and find ways to be an advocate for the Global Goals!

“This was a great experience for my daughter!”

~ Irasema S., Hanover, NH


Video Game Design

Environmental Studies

Political Science

Digital Arts for Girls

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